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Endorsed by The Hong Kong Health Care Federation as well as recommended by 90% of Physiotherapists ^

This upgraded version combines Graphene Fast Heat Sensor Technology and Bian Stone Therapy which release far infrared & ultrasonic pulses to promote blood circulation as well as ease cold and dampness around your waist and abdomen. Elevated effects of discomfort reliefs! 

Heat in 3 seconds! 1 Click to relieve your back pain and support your lumbar spine now!

^Based on assessment surveys from 30 registered physiotherapists in the Hong Kong Health Care Federation after 2 weeks.

Endorsed by The Hong Kong Health Care Federation
New & Level Up! Gemibee Heating Bian Stone Relax Belt with Graphene

Gemibee GB0013-webimage-eng-7.jpg
Gemibee GB0013-webimage-eng-1.jpg
Gemibee GB0013-webimage-eng-4.jpg
Gemibee GB0013-webimage-eng-3.jpg
Gemibee GB0013-webimage-eng-5.jpg


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