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Air Compression Back Stretching Mat

Equipped with inflatable airbag to provide gentle yet strong support for the neck, back, waist and hip, strengthens the body’s softness and flexibility, helps relax tight muscles, relieves soreness and relieves stress.

Recommended for who work for a long time at desks or standing, who tend to get tired after exercising, who keep looking at the screen of the smartphone for a long time, who are busy with work and want to do simple stretching, etc. Not only for yourself but also as a gift for family and friends who value neck, back and waist care.

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工作區域 1 拷貝_v2.jpg
工作區域 3 拷貝_v2.jpg
工作區域 4 拷貝_v2.jpg
工作區域 5_v2.jpg
工作區域 6_v2.jpg
工作區域 7_v2.jpg
工作區域 8_v2.jpg
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